Department of War is responsible for the military activities of the "Monster Country" Tempest.

Tempest military strength information on the military history and intelligence and advancements


Tempest follows the volunteer system for their military. Every monster in the city received a gift for Rimuru's evolution. Those specialized in combat acquired individual skills and squad unity skills. Though they are not even ten thousand strong, they can easily crush larger armies. Their only weakness is their small numbers. Since they can't easily increase their numbers, that may cause problems down the line.


Through Thought Transmission, aerial information can be transmitted to every soldier. Thus, information tactics of modern warfare can be implemented in this fantasy world. Unlike conventional armies, the amount of information provided is vastly different. With this, it is possible even for an individual unit to maneuver well. Actually, this makes individual movement possible. Their forces are able to replenish themselves using the healing potions from Rimuru's stomach. It also, fills everyone with power, since it constantly flows within his magic power, this is the water's acquired effect.

Templar Knights Strategy

This strategy was devised by Rimuru in order to limit the casualties of the Templar Knights led by Hinata when they were going to attack Tempest.

Yellow Corps led by Gerudo form a defensive line around Tempest, as their primary line of defense. Benimaru, leading the Green Corps, Kurenai, and Yellow Corps are stationed inside, to support whichever section is engaged in combat.

Shion's Yomigaeri, Gabil's Hiryu, and Gobuta's Goblin Riders act as their main force. Yomigaeri engages in battle directly. Even if they can't win, they are immortal so they slow the enemy down. The Goblin Riders support Yomigaeri engaging in a hit and run tactic to disturb their movements. Lastly, Hiryu engages from the skies. Rescuing the troubled riders and closing any gaps in the defensive line. Engaging with the intention of fighting a single one at a time.

Souei observes the battle from the shadows. Diablo avoids engaging directly and observes from the skies. However, they are allowed to engage any exceedingly strong knights.

Also, should the enemy prove far stronger than expected and their chances of victory next to none, Benimaru, is to immediately retreat, escaping to High Orc settlements. If Rimuru falls, Veldora will face the enemy.

Known Members