Department of Production is the production divison of the "Monster Country" Tempest.


Ririna shows promise. After obtaining a potato-like plant, she succeeded in its cultivation. With short harvest cycles, and high nutritional value, it improved their food supply. Dedicated to the Department of Production, a building as a large as a gymnasium made of wood. The walls are planned to be reinforced with mortar. Still, the building is the largest of its kind. Garm and Doldo work there with their ten apprentice goblins assisting them. They’ve also warded off rooms for specialized products. Only Shuna can enter that room, the rest are forbidden. She is far too skilled and teaching others would take too long. Goblinas are also learning the textile craft, and are working under Garm producing hemp-linen clothing. Gradually, they should move on to finer work with silk. Since under the armor one must first wear linen. Kurobee’s smithy, next to his room stands a warehouse where they deposit materials. From within the room the sound of clashing metal and the heat of the furnace leaks. This is the only place with a high temperature furnace. Made with packed, baked clay, a furnace they had built. Though it was made with Rimuru’s Fire Manipulation ability, it came out pretty well. Shuna has apprentice chef goblinas. Tempest’s smithy can easily match that of any capital city. The elites among the dwarves, Garm and Kaijin, and the expert Kurobee. Moreover, they have Gabil bringing raw materials from the cave once in a while; so they have an abundance of high ranking ingredients. If people learned of this, there would bound to be plenty of buyers; however, they don’t plan to sell any. There are still hobgoblins without a complete set of equipment. Their numbers are so large that they are having hard time meeting demand. Even with Kurobee’s copy skill, the one he got from researcher, it takes a while to finish an item. Still it is certainly faster than if making the item by hand, but he’s still just a single person. Thus, he’s been employing artisan wannabees from among the young men and women to become his disciples; and has been producing all items at the factories for them to see. It is possible that one of these young ones may become a true artisan someday. So, considering the possibility of future experts, Kurobee’s current actions are for the best in the long term. In order to make something like dried bonito, They went off to the sea to catch fish in large quantities. And since they can easily transport it while preserving its freshness via spatial travel, they’ve gotten their hands on a great variety of ingredients. Reaching the pinnacle of food culture. Wheat was easily acquired, and they’ve been able to reproduce that product easily. The problem is rice. Rimuru passionately set off to look for it. But, compared to millennia of selective breeding that Japanese rice had undergone, what he found was no where near as tasty. So, they decided to modify the plant.They also tried growing some rice on magic energy-rich water. The result was a pitch black rice, as if squid ink was mixed into it. It’s also unbelievably tasty. But it doesn’t look very appetizing, and it’s poisonous to humans. It was dubbed demon rice, and it has a surprisingly high nutritional value (for monsters). At some point it has become the primary food of Tempest. Just the fact that it can hold that much magical energy makes it a rare good. It recovers magical energy. It’s supposed to be poisonous to humans, but it is akin to medicine for those that are stronger. They don’t yet have soy sauce, but they have made a similar spice. It’s a bit lacking, but soy sauce is currently being researched. In the meantime, they might improve this to perfection.


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List of manufactured production

  • Kimono- It is made of glossy linen - first-class silk that feels wonderful to the touch. Putting the silk to the body, it immediately changes size to fit the person After mixing with his or her magic, it became as if a part of The individual body. Even the clothing grows appropriately to physical changes This clothing absorbs the aura of its wearer, and can change its appearance. Like Rimuru’s clothing turned jet black to match his aura. Even if this clothing rips, as long as it absorbs The user magical energy, it can repair itself Can be used considered armor
  • cultivation Foods
  • Blacksmith- Magic swords