To everyone who went against us, we will bare our fangs and retaliate.

To everyone who lends their hands to us, we will grant our blessing to them.
To our opponents, we will do to them what they have done to us.
In the future, I hope that we can be linked in a friendship one day.

Rimuru Tempest

"Monster Country" Tempest is a monster city ruled by Rimuru Tempest. It is located in the Jura Forest, which is also most of Rimuru's domain. Rimuru wanted Tempest to be a land ruled by a truly just King, where everyone is equal. He decided to aim for that dream.


Rimuru had his dwelling built near the cave, at the seat of honor. From there, the houses of the clan lords, followed by that of the commoners were built.

As Rimuru wanted to get it right, the initial map was drawn with utmost precision. Drawing across, with large roads running through the city, this plan is best for overseeing the denizens’ behavior.

There is a special building in the center of town, where all the administrative duties are carried out in this building.

The city’s magic circle, to the Cave of the Seal, was set up near the gates. At the vacant lot near the guardhouse, to be precise. So in a one in a million chance monsters do pass through the circle, they can quickly deal with them. Bester, however, insists that it is impossible. That is, since one needs to recite an incantation to transfer, it is impossible for monsters to use it.

Bester’s research lab was built inside the Cave of the Seal. Bester set up a magic circle to the city from the cave, in the place, Rimuru defeated the black snake. A transportation magic system circle, to be precise. If one writes two identical circles, one can move between them. Bester then drew a circle inside his house and another inside the cave. And thus, he solved the transportation problem. Bester then proceeded to teach Rimuru, Gabil, and the rest. They were able to move easily between the city and the cave.

Since they were often having banquets a banquet hall was built. It’s about the size of a gymnasium and is dome-shaped. The inside has wooden floors with a tatami-floored seat of honor. In the worst case scenario, since this building can house so many people, it can be used for evacuation purposes. The building is quite large so it had to be built sturdy. The skeleton of it was reinforced with steel, but they are planning on changing that to demon steel eventually.

An entrance to the Dwelling of the Spirit was set up in Tempest. It was originally intended to be in the middle of the city, however, Ramiris abandoned the Dwelling of the Spirit. She wanted to occupy the tunnels Rimuru built to counter the Templars. She’s planned on claiming the demon steel used to build it and connecting the tunnel into the labyrinth, she was discovered by Gerudo.

Rimuru agreed to Ramiris creating a labyrinth where she was to act as it’s manager. And thus the Labyrinth City of Tempest was formed where Rimuru would have the labyrinth generate some profit. Ramiris will live there, and he would get some pocket change from adventurers trying to defeat its forces. Ramiris would receive 20% of the profits. Rimuru had a road from the city laid there. It’s a trip that doesn’t even take half a day. It is located on the outer perimeter of the city, about 10 km away.

A stable was built nearby. Rimuru wanted to lay rails to transport people and baggage from there, since letting horses and magic beasts into the city would lead to new hygienic problems. Since it’s relatively close to the city, an inn here would unlikely bring many customers. So, they decided to build a motel instead. But if they built a labyrinth there, then an inn would be in order. If they wanted to truly relax, they could always come back to the Capital City of Tempest.


At first, to lay the plumbing, they had avoided building any houses. For the waterway, they redirected the water from the river. A building was constructed for water pipe control. There, the water is purified and distributed to every household. As for drainage, it is directed into an underground sewage. As it is made from wood, they decided to preserve it by hardening it in cement. And, leading away from the city, it will end at a facility where it will be reprocessed into manure.

They have a system for drawing water, a well in every house, so it is a pretty advanced city. They have flushing toilets, there is a need to carry the pumped out water to the toilet in a bucket, but strong monsters don’t particularly mind.

There are also those who don’t excrete, though.

As one would expect, the forest is full bugs. Since one can’t protect oneself against them, there’s a chance of catching diseases they carry. Hence, Rimuru built window screens using spider threads, as an insect repellent.


After Rimuru took control of the goblin village and led them to victory against the Fanged Wolf Clan, 3 tribes, collectively numbering about 500 people, joined them. The goblin chieftains, Rugurudo, Regurudo, Rogurudo, were promoted to Goblin Lords, while Rigurdo was promoted to Goblin King. The opposing goblin faction stayed behind.

After the war with against the Orc Lord, Gerudo and the Yellow Corps were recruited. Also, the remaining goblin faction joined as the Green Corps.

When the Farmas Kingdom invaded, a total of 100 citizens, including Shion, were killed; men, women, and even children. They were later resurrected and given the extra skills Perfect Memory EX and Endless Regeneration EX, making them immortal.


Tempest has been steadily trying to become the center of this world’s commerce.

Tempest sells their magic potions to the merchant Garde-Myourmiles at 22 silver coins each. And the retail price set there is 25 silver coins. The selling price in Tempest is 20 silver coins. In addition, due to the matter of assisting adventurers, it was decided that the selling price to adventurers in Tempest is also 22 silver coins.

Originally it was possible to get to Tempest on horseback, the same was not true for carriages. They hadn’t cleared any trees in the direction of the highway. They didn’t want to stand out at the time, but that was before the earlier orc incident. When the forest calmed down a trade route was created.

Highways were built that connecting Tempest to Brumund and Dwargon. When the highway that connecting Tempest and Brumund was completed, the merchants of Brumund would have no need to go through the Farmas Kingdom to reach the Dwarf Kingdom. Due to Farmas blocking the flow of good from Dwargon to Brumund, Tempest is becoming the new center of trade routes.

Kaijin, Bester, Shuna, and Kurobee developed a barrier inscribed on top of demon steel. It uses artificial demon crystals as a fuel source. It’s shaped like a cube with a volume of 1 meter. The thickness of the barrier is 50 cm. Thus, it’s pretty heavy and hard to carry. But, once one starts it, it will naturally absorb magical energy from the surrounding and continue functioning indefinitely. So when they place this simple magic circle, named “Barrier-kun,” into operation along the 10 km long road securing security along the route.

Steel was discovered in some of the mountain’s districts, and they buy it off the high orcs. So Kurobee and Kaijin are using it as a base to create weapons.

Alcohol is one of Tempest’s specialties. Thus their alcohol diversity has also increased. They import the wine and produce the beer, along with potato and barley shochu.

Technological Advancements

According to Gazelle Dwargo with Kaijin and Bester here, the city will become the center of technological development. Due to Rimuru's knowledge from his previous life he is able to give new ideas for technology.


Rimuru established three rules for the inhabitants of the city:

  1. Do not attack a human.
  2. Do not attack your own.
  3. Do not look down on the other races.

The Tempest Resurrection Festival is celebrated once a year.

The Hobgoblins are already quite close to humans, even engaging in business while speaking the human language. That’s not all, there are also High Orcs, with knowledge and technique of organizing work corps to establish and maintain roads.

In his free time Rimuru tried baking a handcrafted bowl out of clay, and the children, who saw him, decided to imitate him. As a result, every house now uses such bowls made by children. Moreover, the bowls have gotten rather pretty. There vividly colored, whether using medical herbs or some other dubious method and appear truly grand. A lot of experimentation went into making them.

Foreign Relations

Controlled Territory

The Eastern Empires Dwarf


Citizens population

This is before evolution race and new additions and the Labyrinth and satellite town population