I am Rimuru-sama's faithful shadow. I will perform any instruction that I receive.


Souei (蒼影(ソウエイ) Sōei, lit. "Blue Shadow") is a Dark Spirit Oni and a loyal follower of Rimuru Tempest, the King of Tempest.


He’s strange. After being appointed as a ninja, he took the position a tad bit too seriously. His presence radiates composure and unblemished strength. He ruthlessly doesn’t interpose personal feelings.

Being commanded fills him with the highest of pleasure.

Souei has an eloquent tongue to match his good looks.


Souei has darkish skin, dark blue hair, blue eyes, and a height of 190 cm. For a monster, he has a rather slim build. He is a beautiful man with a different air around him.

In the web novel, Souei has two horns.


A time of peace had continued for a while. Symbolizing strength, the Ogres had no opponent in the forest. Even lesser dragons had not caused any commotions. He had thought that the peace was a good thing. However, they also wanted to use the skills they have obtained, such was their earnest wish. Then, they were attacked by the Orc army. He could do nothing at all and left without avenging his lord and fallen comrades. Under the new Lord, Rimuru, he was given the name Souei, and an opportunity to avenge his former lord.


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