Shuna (朱菜(シュナ), lit. "Vermilion Vegetable") is a Fair Oni and one of the greatest admirers of her master, Rimuru Tempest.

Before serving under Rimuru, she was the princess of the Ogre Tribe.


She has a refined and graceful personality.

She is at that age where she is happy to be depended on. So even a bit of responsibility seems to make her happy.


Shuna has long, wavy, pink hair, with two white porcelain horns protruding under it. She has white skin, pink lips, crimson eyes, and has a height of about 155 cm. A Petite Beautiful Girl.

She wears a beautiful kimono. It is not pure white, but dyed in a pale crimson color.



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  • She enjoys cooking, washing, and sewing.
  • Just like Shion and Milim, she also harbors intimate feelings towards Rimuru.
  • She along w/ Rimuru and Shion are voted as the three major idols of the monster country, Tempest.