Swine, if you retreat, I shall not chase; if you attack, I shall not forgive!


"Star Lord" Ranga"星狼王"(スターロード) 嵐牙(ランガ), "Seirou Ou"(S u t ā R ō d o) Ranga」 (Ranga literally meaning "Storm/Tempest Fang") is a Wind Spirit Wolf and a loyal follower of Rimuru. The leader of the Star Wolf Clan, and the son of the previous boss of the Direwolves. He is also one of Rimuru's Twelve Patrons who has been given the title of a "Lord".


He originally looked just like his father with a strong build, and blood stained eyes. He also had olive brown fur.

When Ranga evolved into a Storm Wolf his length increased to 5m, and his fur turned jet black.

When he evolved into Tempest Star Wolf. His muscles bulged, his claws hardened, his fangs sharpened, and one extra horn appeared atop of his head.

Ranga can assume a smaller form. And equip fur armor. Appearing as a slightly bigger Tempest Wolf.

When user Soaring Run, his jet-black fur, that covered his majestic body, is clad in golden lightning pulsing through them. Demonic energy seeps out like an electrical discharge. A large golden horn grows of his forehead, on the left and right are the unchanged jet-black horns from his earlier form. The golden horn in the center releases rays of crystallized energy, pure energy, continuously.


Ranga is a very proud and loyal monster. Towards Rimuru he retains many of the traits of a dog such as loyalty, wagging his tail when he is happy, being protective, and always wanting to please his master Rimuru.

He is willing to give everything including his own life for Rimuru's happiness, and will do everything within his power to make that happen.

Towards outsiders he comes across as a scary, ferocious beast. He is very blunt with outsiders and does not show any form of politeness. He tends to appear annoyed and suspicious towards outsiders.


Ranga can summon other wolves.

Due to Ranga's size, he is able to create small whirlwinds simply by vigorously wagging his tail. This tail-wagging is seen to be capable of destroying a small, goblin-built building.

He lurked within Rimuru’s shadow, absorbing his aura, while constantly re-imagining his body. Eventually evolving into Tempest Star Wolf.

Ranga can carry two people on his back using shadow step.


  • Wind spirit magic

Ultimate Skill

Unique Skills

Daily Skills

  • Universal Perception
  • Demon Lord's Haki

Battle Skills


  • Physical Attack Immunity
  • Natural Elements Immunity
  • Abnormal Status Immunity
  • Mental Attack Resistance
  • Hybrid Attack Resistance


Rimuru Tempest

Even though Rimuru killed his father Ranga bear no malice. After all Rimuru forgave them and also gave them a name. The moment Rimuru regained consciousness after giving him a name Ranga began following him wherever he went, serving as his mount, and a pillow for whenever Rimuru decided to sleep. He can almost always be found sleeping or waiting in Rimuru's shadow ready to come out whenever needed. He very strongly desires to be of use to Rimuru even if it is to give Rimuru a simple ride on his back.




Like Shion the two tend to overdo things


Ch. Evolution Stage Trigger for


Rank EP New Skills / Abilities


Direwolf C


Tempest Wolf Named by Rimuru Extra Thought Transmission


Shadow Movement

Daily Super Olfaction
37 Tempest Storm Wolf Began Battle

w/Orc General

Absorbed Power from

Rimur's shadow

B+ Battle Black Lightning

Death Storm






Star Wolf Race Rimuru Ascension to

True Demon Lord

A 216,000 Unique Demon Wolf's King
Battle Storm of Destruction
Resistance Physical Damage Nullification

Nature Effects Nullification

Status Change Nullification

Spirit Attack Reistance

93 Star Nova

Wolf King


Extra Soaring Run

Space-Based Barrier

Lightning Fur Armor

Battle Plasma Blast


111 Battle with Gobuta Unique Unification
153 Battle Gale Demon Wolf's Dance

Tornado Storm of Ruin

162 True Demon Lord Granted 100,000

Souls by Rimuru



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  • Ranga has a habit of lurking in Rimuru’s shadow.
  • Ranga has a deep, baritone voice.