Ogres [大鬼(オーガ), Daigi(O o g a), literally meaning "Large Oni"] are B rank monsters. They are a high class race, but too few in number. The were the self-proclaimed rulers of Jura Forest.

The ogre village, though perhaps it was too small to call it that, only housed 300 ogres. The size of a country’s knights order. If one was planning on subjugating such a village with rank B- knights, one would need about 3,000 of them. The ogres often served as mercenaries.


They have a height surpassing two meters, their bodies are lumps of muscles.

Ogre women are surprisingly beautiful.


400 years ago, a young lad wandered into their village. The villagers were suspicious, but the chief warmly welcomed him. Around the same time, a lesser dragon was rampaging in the forest. After expressing his gratitude, the lad defeated the dragon. The villagers hallowed his name, and passed down his praise to the later generations. They soon began imitating the lad’s attire. The lad had taught them various techniques, and through trial and error, they learned them.

The Ogre Tribe was attacked by 10,000 orcs. And each one, like the humans, were fully armored in plate mail. Nearly every villager was slaughtered. The village chief and a small group opened up a path for their young master and the princess to escape, with four other subordinates.


The ogre race has extremely high vitality.

They are B rank monsters, however, from training they can raise that to B+ or even A-.

The ogres are masters of martial arts. In their martial arts, bare handed skills serve as the foundation for mastery of the sword.

Ogres tend to favor combat focusing on raw strength. They slaughter their enemies by wielding heavy weapons with their brute strength. Furthermore, there are also individuals who can protect themselves with incredibly tough muscles and high regenerative abilities. Ogres are adventurer’s natural enemies.