"Destroyer" Milim Nava is one of the oldest and strongest Demon Lords. She is a Dragonoid. Her nickname, Destroyer is not just for show. She is a demon lord one should never fight against. Nicknamed “Destruction” itself.


She is the most short-tempered and simple Demon Lord, what the rest would consider common sense is completely lost on her. However, though she might be a short-tempered simpleton, she is by no means stupid.

There's a possibility that she doesn’t have many friends. It can be speculated that she’s been living for so long that she must have lost many good friends by now.

She has a complete lack of dishonesty and is honest to an extreme. Milim probably hasn’t even heard the word “negotiation”. She boldly declares her demands and rampages if they are rejected. She, unfortunately, believes that if you are working, there is no need to hide anything.

Though Milim is by no means stupid, she is called short-tempered and impudent, but that is not true. Moreover, she possesses an abnormal perception, so fooling her proves to be difficult.


Milim has glossy silver (pink in Light Novel) hair tied in twin tails, and a short stature, anyone would mistake her for a kid. She sometimes wears a black Gothic dress covering her body. Although a Dragonoid she resembles a human girl.

Battle Attire

A crimson horn adorns her forehead. And her light Gothic dress changes into jet black armor.


Milim grew up without knowing her parents Also, not knowing of her relation to Rudra Milim awakened as a demon lord at the same time as Guy. Her pet dragon was killed by some country. In her anger, Milim destroyed the country. And awakened as a true demon lord. Unconsciously, she fought with Guy To calm down the vehemently enraged Milim, That battle continued for seven days and seven nights, transforming the bountiful lands in the west into a wasteland. Eventually, the battle concluded. Milim regained her consciousness and the battle ended. The one who returned her sanity was Ramiris. In the process, the ruler of spiritRamiris absorbed the evil magic of demons and the powerful aura of dragons and began to change. But, she was able to stop Milim’s rampage. And the three settled this dispute.

These three were the first Demon Lords. They decided that each of the three would be different than the other two. One would pursue the Ultimate Skill. One would live as one, please. One would judge the world. Because their objectives were different, they could recognize each other.

Her dominion’s human villages were attacked by high magic beasts. And Milim, who just happened to be walking by, killed them; the Humans seemed to have misunderstood her somehow and began to worship her as a god And thus, the land became hers. The other Demon Lords didn’t complain, nor did Milim have any particular reason to complain.



Ultimate Skills

  • Wrathful King Satan
    • It could be called as Magic Essence Breeder Reactor since it works by converting the user's Wrath or rage into Magical energy, thus, as long as the user's still mad, the user could have infinite Magic Essence.

Intrinsic Skill


  • Dragon Eye: She has eyes with analytical abilities, with which she can measure abilities. Using this eye, the dragon eye, she can see the target’s magical energy even if they try to hide it so no one can pretend to be weak before her.
  • Dragon Nova: Its brightness easily surpassed that of the stars. The bright pellets that rain upon the earth erases everything in sight. The sound of destruction far surpassed the audible range of one’s ears, so the shockwave heralds it instead. Those touched by the light disappear without being able to offer any resistance.

She has ridiculous power, a cheat likeability, bottomless stamina.

She doesn’t use magic when flying. Rather, she uses her own wings. Nor does she depend on magic during combat. And without making a sound she can fly at a speed faster than the speed of sound. Though she flies at such a terrifying speed, she is able to erase it completely before landing, manipulating the law of inertia itself.

Milim can make her way into another's thought transmission network. She can figure out their frequency and force her way in. Even if it sounds so simple, it requires an absurdly high level of skill through this kind of thing is easy for her.

As the second oldest demon lord, she is considered to have an abnormal level of skill and seemingly infinite amount of magic power. The only person who could be considered as her equal was Guy.


  • A God Class Weapon: Evil God: Milim’s demon sword. It doesn’t suit her at all. It has a long, curved, single-edged blade. The sword is dyed in a pale blue light.
  • Dragon Knuckles: Gifted to Milim by Rimuru. The point of such gloves would be to prevent injury when punching barehanded and to increase the force of the blow normally but Rimuru’s goal was the exact opposite of the latter point - to decrease the force of the blow. The light but dense Magic Steel is actually surrounded by a shock-absorbing material. When she equips this, her blow will be reduced to only 10% of its norm. And it is made with Magic steel in hopes of being attached a regenerative effect. The best part of it all is the decrease in her destructive power. This made her hands feel very light.
  • Demon Lord’s Ring: Communication artifacts between the Demon Lords.
  • A God Class Armor


  • Rimuru Tempest: She and Rimuru became close friends over the course of her two weeks stay in Tempest. Shortly after her arrival, Rimuru gave her "Dragon Knuckles" to inhibit her power so she wouldn't hurt or kill any of his citizens accidentally. Since then she rarely takes them off, so when Rimuru made her do so while she was eating, Milim sulked for the entire day. They have become so close to the point that she was willing to pretend to be under Clayman's control in order to expose his plot and help Rimuru. This close friendship can be assumed to give birth to "love" within Milim in regards to her feelings towards Rimuru.
  • Guy Crimson and Ramiris: The three of them are the first Demon Lords and have been acquainted with each other for thousands of years. Milim later became a closer playmate with Ramiris due to Rimuru's influence.
  • Karion: They were Demon Lord fellows, though after being defeated by Milim and confirming he's still too weak to be among the Demon LordsKarion decided to step down and become Milim's subordinate. Afterward, he occasionally became a punching bag for Milim to vent her stress even though this  as his "training from hell" to become stronger.
  • Frey: They were Demon Lord fellows and were quite close to each other, to the point of plotting together to overthrow Clayman. After the Walpurgis Banquet that ended with Clayman's death, Frey confirmed herself to be too weak among the Demon Lords and decided to step down and become Milim's subordinate. Ever since then, she would serve as a nagging secretary to Milim as she would drag Milim back to work and studies whenever she lazes around.
  • Gobuta: Milim was astonished by Gobuta's display during Tempest Tournament due to his "cool" transformation by Uniting with Ranga. However, He disappointed her immediately by crashing himself out of the arena and losing the match pathetically and instantly the moment it started. In anger, she dragged him out for "Hellish" training.


  • She has Golden hair color and wears Gothic Cloth in the Web Novel while she has Pink hair color and wears a Skimpy Outfit in the Light Novel, Manga, and Anime.
  • In the Light Novel, She is considered as A True Dragon and The Youngest of 4 Dragon Kind beside VelzardVelgrynd, and Veldora. while in Web novel she doesn't since Rimuru is the 5th True Dragon instead of the 6th True Dragon.
  • As she is one of the three the first Demon Lords. They decided that each of the three would be different than the other two. One would pursue the Ultimate SkillOne would live as one, please. One would judge the world. Because their objectives were different, they could recognize each other.
  • Humanity's POV Milim awakened as a True Demon Lord at the same time as Guy but in different perspectives, it was much later Milim awakened as a True Demon Lord
  • Dragonoid is a rare species related to Dragon and Human
  • Milim’s castle, the White Wall Castle, was built by her subordinate which is Descendant between Human and Dragon while they revere her as a God.
  • She tends to play along with her opponents in a acting when they believe they have control of her.


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