Inherited Will (受け継がれる想い Uketsugareru Omoi) is the eighth episode of the anime adaptation of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime.


Shizu tells Rimuru about someone known as The Hero who took her in and showed her the right path before mysteriously disappearing one day. Sensing her life is coming to an end, Shizu asks Rimuru to convey her final wishes to Leon before asking him to eat her, as she does not wish her body to remain in this world she does not like. This gives him the ability to take a human form. As Rimuru decides to seek out information on Leon to fulfill his promise to Shizu, a masked man named Gelmud recruits an orc that he names Geld with the intention of bringing forth a Great Orc Disaster in the forest.


Rimuru Tempest is inside of Shizue Izawa's room waiting for her safe recovery. Shizue is depressed as she nearly killed her friends as Ifrit again. To cheer herself up, Shizue wants to tell her life story to Rimuru and he complies learning about the events that shaped her life after coming to the new world. One day, Shizue's master Leon Cromwell was finally chased from his castle and Shizue was left behind as the rear guard.

When Ifrit realize that they couldn't defeat The Hero it's fear gave Shizue a opening to reclaim control over her body and with the Anti-Demon Mask the Hero originally wore the influence of the fire spirit could be suppressed altogether, more important Shizue was able to use that fire power, hence how she became known as the conqueror of flames and thus became the companion and student of the hero.

One day though the Hero disappeared without warning or explanation. After a long career as a solo adventurer the influence of Ifrit began to assert himself, so to minimize her reliance on the dangerous power that would allow the fire spirit to rampage freely again Shizu retired and became a teacher in Ingracia Kingdom where other world travelers learn about their abilities and the world they now live in.

One of them even became the Grandmaster of the freedom association. However Shizue has reached the end of her natural life span and Ifrit's will has over taken hers, resulting in the rampage the day before. Hence Shizue's last quest: to find Leon and make him tell her the information she wants to know. While Shizue is glad she got to spend the last few days of her life with such good people she has a new request not for Rimuru, but for Satoru Mikami.

Shizue wishes to die among the memories of her homeland, so that she is not subjected to the cruel cycle of reincarnation of this world, and thus asks that the slime eat her as he had the cursed monster that had tormented her. Rimuru agrees, and declares that he will find the man responsible for her fate and make him take responsibility for his actions.

Inside of Rimuru Shizue is reunited with the souls of her slain friends and her dead mother as her long hard life ends peacefully. Later, Cabal's Party and Rigurdo arrive in Shizue's room to find what they realize is actually Rimuru in the form of a naked human, a slightly younger androgynous version of Shizue with blue hair and golden eyes.

Giving the group an explanation as to what happened and proving he is who he states he is Rimuru transforms back into a slime and apologizes to the group for his impromptu private burial. Before the three adventurer's leave they ask Rimuru to turn back into Shizue's form so that they can at least say farewell to their friend's image.

Before the three Adventurer's leave though Rimuru has the dwarfs manufacture new and improved equipment for the three of them. The group in turn promise to give a positive review of the village and recommend non interference with their affairs. In the mean time though, a orc is traveling through the desert and just when he collapses from exhaustion he is met with Gelmudo who offers him meat and a name: Geld.

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