Human Hero's [勇者, Yuusha, literally "Hero"] are also known as True Hero or Awakened Hero. Their existence is extremely rare, more rare than a True Demon Lords and True Dragons. They are also possibly stronger.

They are said to be an existence that appears only once in a thousand years.

In order to Evolve into a True Hero: A Being have to obtain Hero Egg and with Strong Willpower to break the Hero Egg Shell


They seem to genuinely have compassion for all of the human race and all being and will do whatever they can to promote peace and well being.


They seem to posses Ultimate Skill and are able to wield God Class Weapon and armor with ease.

Although they have Lesser Magic Amount (EP:) if compared with True Demon Lord, their fighting prowess is at least comparable to True Demon Lord the most powerful Demon Lord Class; possibly even greater.

Known Human Hero