As any wolfman, Grucius’s appearance differed little from that of a human when not transformed.


Grucius became a devil a hundred years ago.

While under disguise in Tempest, Grucius took on the form of a human, and joined the Frontier Garrison. He naturally stood out in the team. Even when he held back his true abilities, he couldn’t possibly be inferior to humans. Therefore, he was offered the role of vice captain for one of the three platoons. However, he refused stating that a newcomer should not hold such a position even after the platoon commander insisted.


He was assigned a secret mission by the Demon Lord Karion, to spy on Tempest. He joined the Frontier Garrison along with Myulan as a way to infiltrate the city. Overtime they both grew quite attached to the garrison.

When Yuurazania was attacked Karion told Grucius to act in accordance to his own judgement, and he was free to choose his own path.


Grucius did not possess enough power to evolve on his own, however, he does excel at stealth and combat. But thanks to his abilities he gained a chance to evolve. Through drinking Karion’s blood. The survival rate of this ceremony is only 10%. Being able to endure is in itself a mark of a hero. Grucius endured this trial, like squeezing through the eye of a needle. And thus, Grucius became the same species as his King, and acquired the same abilities and long lifespan. Even a hundred years since his rebirth, his abilities are yet to wane. However, he is the weakest amongst the servants of the Beast King.

He was valued for his excellent espionage abilities. He also has regenerative abilities.


  • Far Sight
  • Super-Recovery


  • Physical Attack resistance


  • Demon Lord Karion: To Grucius Karion is akin to father.