Gobuta 「ゴブタ, Gobuta is a hobgoblin and is Rimuru Tempest's follower. He is the only one of Rimuru's followers to be given the right to officially “converse in casual tone” with Rimuru which lead to intense jealousy from Shion and Shuna(two of Rimuru's greatest admirers).


Though he's considered a fool, he proves to be a very competent individual when the situation calls for it. His prowess on the battlefield surprises many.

He is a natural airhead an idiot but has a hidden genius. As the Goblin Rider’s captain, he is actually unexpectedly brilliant.


During his journey to Dwargon, four months prior to Rimuru’s involvement, he was beaten black and blue, then he got picked up by a group of kobold merchants. If they hadn’t found him, he might have died.


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