"Dragon Lord" Gabil 天龍王(ドラゴ・ロード) ガビル, "Tenryuu Ou"(D o r a g o R o o d o) Gabiru」, the captain of the Hiryu of Tempest, the former lizardmen raid leader.


Gabil has a inferiority complex. The root of Gabil’s pride and confidence, is the thought that he is the chosen one.

Gabil is the type to get carried away when praised and fail soon after.

He is easy carried away and overconfident personality, but is improving. Surprisingly he is not an idiot.


After (Re)Naming
True Demon Lord


Gabil was used by Gelmudo, his most trusted person, to satisfy his own gains to turn the Orc Lord into a demon lord.

Gabil was exiled for his treason. Furthermore, forbidden to ever call himself a lizardman and forbidden to ever return.


Gabil is not completely incompetent. He lacks the ability to see the bigger picture, but he certainly can lead a squad in battle.

Despite being a young commander who lacks experience, he can properly observe the entire theatre. According to Rimuru, after surviving and learning from this experience from the war against the orcs, he has the potential to become an excellent commander.

It is still unknown how, but Rimuru was able to rename Gabil, Gabil. Thus he evolved into a dragonewt. This evolution placed him at rank A-. He also obtained quite a lot of magical energy. It’s possible he’ll end up as an A rank.

Ultimate Gift

Unique Skills

  • Tuner: (Integrated into Ultimate Gift Pierrot Star (The Frivolous))
    • Unexpected Results
    • Fate Change; A mysterious skill that activates when an attack doesn’t land changing the worst outcome into a fortunate one.

Extra Skills

Daily Skills

Battle Skills

  • Manifest Dragon Scale Armor
  • Black flames breath: Flame Breath
  • Black thunder breath: Thunder Breath


  • Pain Immunity
  • Abnormal Status Immunity
  • Natural Elements Resistance
  • Physical & Mental Attack Resistance
  • Hybrid Attack Resistance


Gabil received the Magic Weapon: Water Vortex Spear, from his father after his banishment.


  • Water Vortex Style, Tornado Crush


  • Hiryu: Gabil has great subordinates. Even when on the verge of death his subordinates worry about him. Even willing to sacrifice their lives to protect him.
  • Souka: Though they always seem hostile, everyone knows they actually treasure each other. Only they themselves don’t notice it.
  • Bester: Best Friend.


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