Elen (エレン Eren) is an adventurer and a member of Cabal's Party.


Ellen or rather Eryune, hails from the from Sorcery Dynasty of Sarion. There she was a noble. After she studied at Royal Capital Academy, she left the country because she wanted to be an adventurer. She yearned for the freedom of an adventurer. She and her bodyguards Cabal and Gido set off.


After the Farmas Kingdom attacked resulting in Shion’s death, she decided to join Tempest, spending the remainder of her life there.


Ellen specializes in particular magic. With the job Systemic Magic User (Sorcerer), she carefully provides support in order to increase the survival rate of her party. She can’t use any withdrawal type magic indoors, However, she can mix illusion magic and heat manipulation as a decoy.


  • Mud Hand (Mad Hand): The user makes rope to tie the target.
  • Cleaning Magic
  • Elemental Magic


  • Spider Robe: Ellen received a spider robe as a gift from Rimuru. It’s light, but very sturdy.


  • Rimuru Tempest: The party grew quite attached to Rimuru and began to refer to him as Danna (Benefactor). He even gave them parting gifts, of equipment and 10 pieces of the restoration medicine.


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