Demon Lord Dino, known as the Wandering King and the King of the Sleeping Forest. He was given the rank of “Four Fiends of the Heaven Commanders” by Yuuki


He is particularly bad at careful planning.

He is also shown to be quite lazy and keeps a sleepy face all the time.

Dino’s pride, who is originally lazy in nature, only surfaces when he becomes truly angry.

It is a rule for Dino is to achieve the biggest result with as little effort as possible. Therefore avoiding the use of abillities that consume energy needlessly, but he'll use them if the situation calls for it.


He is a slovenly green haired delicate man. His appearance is no different than a that of a human. Though he is a handsome man, his sleepy gaze ruins his appeal.


  • Velda Nava: Dino considers him as his Master and God since he is one of Velda Nava's Creations.
  • Dagrule: Dino and Dagruel seem to be friends with each other as Dagruel allowed Dino into his place for a long period of time, though at the same time Dino is also slowly depraving Dagruel to acquire him as a subordinate. Dino is nearly finished with depraving Dagruel. Then, Dagruel would retire, and it would become what Dino had planned. . However he did this just in order to release Dagruel from his bound to Veldanava for almost 300 years. Currently, Dino claimed to be kicked out of Dagruel's domain.
  • Karion: They were considered to be good friends.
  • Ramiris: They look close. Because a long time ago Dino was in her care, so he addresses her politely. Currently, Dino served as Ramiris's assisstant in helping her research. Later on, it was revealed that he was observing her. He tried to kill her but the attempt failed and Dino fled. Even though he said his intention was to kill her he planned to put her to sleep as he still felt indepted tp her.
  • Guy Crimson: After leaving Dagruel, Dino came to Guy's place to laze off but Guy told him to go to Tempest and tell Rimuru to take care of him instead.
  • Rimuru Tempest: Thanks to Guy's request, Dino came under Rimuru's employment as Ramiris's assistant. 
  • Pico: He cherished her as his comrade and she is willing to follow him rather than Velda 
  • Gracia He cherished her as his comrade and she is willing to follow him rather than Velda 


Dino normally fight with a greatsword called Crumbling Fang. As he has no techniques for using a great sword his swordsmanship with it is based on his physical strength only. Using his two God tier swords, Excalibur and Calibur, however lets him easily rank as the greatest swordsman of the world. However he only uses the two swords in his serious mode, which is such a rare occurence that it often takes several millenia between two such events.

As a Fallen Angel, he is considered as an Light type spirit who shifted into an Dark type variant spirit using several secret techniques of Ramiris. Therefore the weakness against the Light attribute normal Darkness spirits have is negated through his familiarity of the Light attribute.

Current Abilities

Ultimate Skills

  • Fallen King Luciel
  • Slothful King Belphegor
    • Belphegor’s power is to cause the person it depraves to become the user's subordinate and at the same time deprive them from their abilities.
    • Slothful King Belphegor had a special ability of increasing Dino power If could basically increase Dino energy by saving energy there’s a limit to the maximum amount that he could let out at a time, he go beyond his usual state With that ability, Dino can get a temporary overwhelming fighting power.
    • Fallen Catastrophe (Temptation towards Destruction)
    • Fallen Hypno (Slothful Sleep)
    • Fallen Strike (Fallen Heaven Strike) and Fallen Thanatos (Hypnotic Inducement towards Death)

Former Abilities

Ultimate Skills

Unique Skill


  • God tier Great Sword: Crumbling Fang, A thick, wide single-edged sword, it seemed to have high killing power and was capable of decimating enemies with its weight. A massive weapon that didn’t match any lightweight equipment like leather armor. its size is comparable to Dino's Size
  • God tier Holy Sword: Excalibur, A Golden and White Holy Sword
  • God tier Magic Sword: Caliburn, A Silver and Black Demonic Sword



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