My name is Arnaud Baurman, the strongest templar. Engrave it into your soul, the name of the person who going to destroy you. Enjoy your trip to hell!

–Arnaud Baurman



As an expert-class knight, he trained himself to have control over his emotions in stressful situations, as not to lose his sight in anger.


Arnaud specializes in persistent combat. That endurance elevated Arnaud as the strongest among the knights.

He can perform a spiritual power release and activated his spirit armament. Instantly, five colors of light dazzle glistening and wrapping around Arnaud's body. He is a templar who possesses the five attributes of earth, water, fire, wind, and sky. For a normal person, possessing two attributes is rare, but he is loved by five.


  • Spirit Beheading: an ultimate technique using the basic technique of fighting spirit. By cladding the weapon in fighting spirit it can cut down anything. Arnaud sword is clad in his fighting spirit, and it glistens in fives colors. So, converting his five attributes of spirit power into fighting spirit, he fuses them together and with it, clads his sword. It is because of this special technique that Arnaud is called the strongest holy knight.
  • Ether Break (Five Colors Spirit Virtuous Sword): A flash from Arnaud's sword runs along the ground in a line. By using the earth spirit's weight manipulation, the user can decide on the sword's desirable impact. At a speed that transcended the speed of sound, the sword's edge reaches the opponent. The strike was clad in holy attributes, an absolute killing power against monsters, along with the attribute to crush evil. A deadly sword that should cut down an archdemon with a single strike.
  • Holy Cannon


  • Demon Slayer: a supreme sword made by the Seven Celestial Sages solely to fight against demons. Against the flesh, the sword was endowed with the ability to tear apart the magic power in the monster's magic power configuration, so that it can't reconfigure again. In other words, it can suck out the opponent's magic power. This weapon was developed with the purpose to inflict damage against dragon types. It is the only sword that had been developed to have the same power as the Spiritual Weapon.